Since our inception during 2014, we have thoroughly researched various potential market territories to ascertain the feasibility of our business models. By the end of 2017, our first products were successfully rolled out to 29 countries. We have since continuously been developing and testing further offerings and distribution channels through 122 territories.

Contemporary InvesTech Solutions

Prosperian Fintech 1

Smart. Global. FinTech.

LifeStyle Enhancing FinTech Solutions

Prosperian FinTech owns and operates a vast spectrum of FinTech solutions that enhances consumer lives globally.

Prosperian Properties 1

Secured. Diversified. Property.

Access Investment Properties Globally

Prosperian Properties facilitates intra-group and external investors’ participation in a securitised, globally diversified property portfolio.

Prosperian Wealth 1

Technology. Alpha-Returns. Always.

Market Beating Risk-Adjusted Returns

Prosperian Wealth consistently delivers market beating, risk-adjusted, returns, using proprietary software to trade in global “blue chip” shares.