Prosperian helps the Systemically Excluded to prosper by facilitating Global Participation in Sophisticated Financial Offerings through contemporary FinTech solutions.  

Contemporary FinTech Solutions


eServices on Subscription

Prosperian’s eServices division renders smart, innovative online subscription services that enhances consumer lives globally.

Prosperian Fintech 1

Innovative FinTech Solutions

Prosperian’s FinTech division owns and operates a multi-dimensional tech platform, which renders innovative Neo-Banking and Credit Solutions for the consumer market.

Prosperian Cyber Farming

Sustainable Blockchain Participation

Prosperian’s Cyber Farming division owns and operates an off-grid Renewable Energy driven CyberFarm.

Prosperian Properties 1

Global Investment Properties

Prosperian’s Properties division facilitates intra-group participation in a globally diversified investment and strategic property portfolio,

Prosperian Wealth 1

Top Returns through Technology

Prosperian’s Wealth division silo consistently delivers market beating returns, using proprietary software to trade in global “blue chip” shares.