What We’re


Prosperian helps the Systemically Excluded to prosper by facilitating Global Participation in Sophisticated Financial Offerings through contemporary FinTech solutions.  

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Investment Partnership


  • Partner with Prosperian in building our Group Revenue to >S$500M
  • Earn a Projected Return >40% per annum.

Our Business Model

Prosperian Capital International is a global enterprise that leverages technology to create innovative investable solutions in eServices, FinTech, Cyber Farming, Equities & Property.


Business Validation

Consumer Acceptance

As a Proof-of-Concept we signed more than 240,000 Consumers across 88 Countries and generated more than $28M in Sales, whilst building up critical country-specific Customer Lifecycle Data.

Company Valuation

Our company has recently been valued at circa SGD 50M by independent third-party valuation providers.

Our Team

Our Founders are all still permanently involved in our business and are financially invested as shareholders.

Our core Management Team has more than 100 Years combined business experience and has demonstrated their ability to execute successful global projects during the past 7 years together.

Deployment of Capital

We plan to deploy Further Capital Raised as follows:

Funding Goals

Partner with us to achieve the following funding goals…

How to Invest in Prosperian

a. Register Your Interest

Please register your interest as a potential investor, to receive our Investor Information Pack (Pitch Deck Slides, Video Presentation, Executive Summary & External Company Valuation Reports).

b. Choose Your Channel

Partner with us through your channel of preference…

Venture Capital Firms

(Typical $100K – $500K)

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

(Typical $5K – $100K)

Security Token ExchangeS

Coming Soon…

Please Note: We may conduct Investor Accreditation Checks, prior to releasing any confidential information.

Our Venture Capital Partners

We have achieved more than $5M of our $15M initial Funding Goal, through our core Venture Capital Partners and Startup Revenues.

Olici Advisory 3

Get more of our Investor Information…

Feel free to study more of our Investor Information as listed investors of the following platforms…

Our Financial Performance

Registered Investors may track our financial performance through one of the following resources…

  • Various Equity Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Prosperian Investor Relations eMails
  • Request from our CFO via eMail:

Latest Prosperian Share Value

The board of directors applied a valuation discount on share values calculated by independent External Valuation Providers, and have revised the current value per share to:      


(As of 1 January 2022)